#Keinerkommt -alle machen mit (#KKAMM)


“Crazy times need crazy ideas to make the crisis more bearable”


The official non-festival-poster

Do you love fancy bands like ABBA, Coldplay or the Beatles? The line-up of a festival looks like this, with one catch: no one comes. No one comes – everyone joins.

In the style of a real festival, we sell tickets, merch and “do” everything a festival needs – but noone comes. What is the idea behind?

“The Hamburg cultural scene is hard hit by the corona pandemic. We would now like to demonstrate cohesion and help preserve Hamburg’s culture and diversity. Crazy times need crazy ideas to make the crisis more bearable and therefore we realize a solidarity not festival that doesn’t exist, with artists who don’t come to collect donations with creativity and humor, ”explains initiator Lars Meier, board member of MenscHHamburg e.V. and Managing Director of the Gute Leude Fabrik.

MenscHHamburg e.V. will distribute the donations and income from this campaign in equal parts to the private theater and music stages in Hamburg, to the Hamburg film industry, to Hamburg clubs and to independent cultural professionals. A committee made up of people from Hamburg culture will decide on the use of the funds.

Many non-profit institutions from Germany and foreign countries have already asked whether they can adopt the #niemandkommt solidary-non-festival non-idea for their city or region. This is of course possible in the non-commercial, non-profit area, giving us back a reference and an online link to our website.

For more information please send us an email.

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